Friday, June 24, 2011


A little about the students attending this school.  There are approximately 13 students from the United States and another 8 from other countries.  From the US there are some young college students, some professional people and a number of us older folks (over 55). There are two Slavic study students from Germany and one from Ukraine.  There are also two Rusyn school teachers - one from Ukraine and one from Slovakia.  For some of the American students this is the first time that they have been exposed to their Rusysn roots. 

The food served at the cafeteria here has been very boring.  They serve us as a group and 80% of the meals have been chicken, gravy and rice or potatoes.  Today, I met up with Iveta and had dinner with Victor Krusko at his resturant.  We had duck with red cabbage and what I call a potatoe pancake, but is really more like Lefsa with more potatoes.

This evening we had a Literary Evening with some of the Rusyn poets.  They presented the Duchnovich Literary award to a poet from Serbia.

Tomorrow off to Medzilaborce folk festival and the Andy Warhol museum. 

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