Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Week of Rusin School

I wrote on my facebook about my trip to Slovakia on June 9,10 and 11th.  I will continue my story from here.

Got settled in the Dorm room.  The Dorm rooms are in pods comprised of 2 rooms, a shower room, and bathroom.  There are two beds in each dorm room - so if full there would be 4 people sharing the shower and bathroom. We were supposed to have roommates, but mine decided to get her own room and paid extra - which left me alone which is great.

School started on Monday.  We have two hours of history and 2 hours of language a day.  The morning starts with Breakfast about 7:30 or 8 am.  Breakfast is a buffet consisting of different things each moring.  Combination of cold cuts, eggs, yogurt, bread or rolls, coffee, tea.  Not very interesting, but sufficient.

Classes start at 9 am.  One history class is in Rusin by Professor, Valerie Padiak from Zakarpattia and in English by Professor, Paul Magosci from the University of Toronto.  Of course, I am in the English class.  Magosci is following his Atlas of Central Europe, but focusing on the Subcarpathian Rus area.  By the way Magosci said that his Atlas of Central Europe is his best selling book.  The Rusin Class has been in the afternoon starting at 1 p.m..  The teacher is Professor Stephen Pugh.  He is a Linguist.  He was supposed to teach last year but was ill and couldn't travel.  He is a great teacher, but we are trying to acomplish a lot in the three weeks. 

After language class we get a little break or we have had some additional events like a folk music session.  More latter.

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